Question: What is the blind dating show on Netflix?

Love is Blind debuted on Netflix on February 13th, 2020 as an experimental dating series which sees blind dating, the timeless dating trend which sees people meet without seeing each other, taken to another level.

What was significant about Netflix dating show Love Is Blind?

The series follows 30 men and women hoping to find love. For 10 days in a speed-dating format, the men and women date each other in different pods where they can talk to each other but not see each other. Whenever they decide, the men are able to propose to the woman they want to marry.

Will there be a season 2 for Love Is Blind?

Attention: Netflixs Love Is Blind is getting a season 2. I repeat: LOVE IS BLIND IS GETTING A SEASON 2!!! And the good news doesnt stop there. According to Netflix, the show was renewed for not just one, but two new seasons, meaning well also get a third season of Love Is Blind.

Who is still together from Love Is Blind Netflix?

For almost two years, fans have been waiting to catch up with the contestants and find out who is still together from the reality series. Only two couples Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton, and Matt Barnett and Amber Pike remain officially together and married at the reunion.

Are Mark and Jessica still together from Love Is Blind?

During the Netflix dating series, Mark and Jessica got engaged but broke up when she dramatically left him at the altar during the shows finale. After production wrapped, Mark began dating LC, but the two broke up last June.

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