Question: What is the safest part of Little Rock Arkansas?

What is the bad part of Little Rock Arkansas?

#1: Geyer Springs Many of the residential crimes occurring in Little Rock are in the Beyer Springs and Baseline area of the city. This area is known for its burglaries and assaults specifically. This area, near the Geyer Smith Shopping Center, is typically an area for aggressive risks as well.

What is the best area to live in Little Rock Arkansas?

From walkable communities with a focus on wellness to the most delicious streets of Arkansas, here are the five best neighborhoods of Little Rock.Hillcrest. Prefect neighborhood for foodies, singles, and families. The Heights. Riverdale. Chenal Valley. River Market.21 May 2018

Whats it like to live in Little Rock Arkansas?

Living in Little Rock offers residents a dense suburban feel and most residents own their homes. In Little Rock there are a lot of restaurants, coffee shops, and parks. Many families and young professionals live in Little Rock and residents tend to lean liberal. The public schools in Little Rock are above average.

What town in Arkansas has the highest crime rate?

Arkansas Crime Index City RankRankCrime Index ▲City / Population1.0De Valls Bluff, AR / 6102.71Greenbrier, AR / 4,9703.290Caraway, AR / 1,1824.306Mammoth Spring, AR / 1,034159 more rows

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