Question: How do I read the New Yorker online?

Download the New Yorker app. Digital subscribers can link their New Yorker subscription to Google News, allowing them to view new pieces each day, as well as the most recent issue of the magazine. To get started, download the Google News app in the App Store or the Google Play store.

How can I read the New Yorker for free?

The app is exclusive to subscribers, and is free to download. If you subscribed directly through The New Yorker (including and the New Yorker app), you can view as many articles and issues as youd like. If eligible, non-subscribers will be invited to explore the app through a free trial.

How do I access the digital New Yorker?

AndroidDownload the Google News app.Tap on the Newsstand option at the bottom right of the screen in the Google News app.Search for The New Yorker and add the magazine cover.Tap the Already a subscriber? When it asks you if you want to continue to the Web site to verify your subscription, tap Continue.More items

Is there a way to listen to New Yorker articles?

Were excited to announce that narrated stories are now available in the New Yorker Today app, along with podcasts and The New Yorker Radio Hour. All new recordings can be played directly from the Today app, through the Top Stories feed, making it easy to listen to The New Yorkers latest as you go about your day.

How do I save a New Yorker as a PDF?

To download a PDF or print an article: Open the issue you want. Click the Print button at the bottom of the screen. Select the thumbnails for the page range youd like to download or print.

How much does a digital subscription to The New Yorker cost?

A digital-only subscription is $99.99 in all destinations. The New Yorker publishes weekly, except for four planned combined issues, as indicated on the issues cover, and other combined or extra issues. First issue mails within 6 weeks. Plus sales tax where applicable.

How much does it cost to subscribe to the New Yorker?

Review and submit After one year, renews automatically at one year for $149.99. Automatic Renewal: After your initial one year term, your subscription will automatically renew for one year at $149.99.

Do people read The New Yorker?

Readership. Despite its title, The New Yorker is read nationwide, with 53 percent of its circulation in the top 10 U.S. metropolitan areas. According to Mediamark Research Inc., the average age of The New Yorker reader in 2009 was 47 (compared to 43 in 1980 and 46 in 1990).

How long is a New Yorker short story?

Stories in the magazine range from about 2,000 words to about 10,000.

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