Question: How do you meet people in Munich?

Where can I meet new people? Sporting arenas - its easier to make new friends in Munich when you engage in sporting activities. You can take part in Fit im Park programs during the summer or Indoor sports program in winter. For both events, entry is free of charge.

Can you live in Munich without German?

It is possible to get around with English Of course, not everyone speaks English in Munich, but you would be surprised by how many people do. Also, many restaurants have their menus in English too. So, if you dont speak a word of German and is moving to town, English will be very handy at first.

Is Munich a fun city to live in?

I like Munichs cosmopolitan feel. The city and, in general, Germany is a kid-friendly country. There are lots of cultural festivals, celebrations, and many activities or places suitable for families with kids. It is one of the ideal places for kids to bring up.

Is it worth living in Munich?

Anyone living in Munich will tell you that they enjoy an exceptionally high standard and quality of living. The education, transportation, health and sports facilities in Munich are way above par. There is also plenty of employment and relative safety. The short answer is yes, Munich is a good place to live.

What food is Munich known for?

The type of food Munich is obviously famous for are the celebrated beer garden and Gaststuben classics: Weißwürste (the boiled, white veal sausage), Haxen (Braised pork knuckle), Leberkäse (a loaf-formed sausage) and Obazda (the intense cheese-mix-spread, best eaten with Brezeln) – the hearty dishes that are the the

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