Question: How can I move to USA from Iran?

To become a lawful permanent resident of the United States, one must obtain a Green Card . Most immigrants will do so through employment , through family sponsorship , or by being an immediate relative of a US citizen, the latter being most common among Iranian immigrants.

How can I permanently immigrate to USA?

Essential Steps to Get an Immigrant VisaIn most cases, someone must sponsor you or file an immigrant petition for you.Wait until the petition is approved and a visa is available in your category. Then apply for an immigrant visa. Get a medical examination.Go to an interview.Wait for a decision on your application.13 Aug 2021

Can you be a US and Iranian citizen?

The Iranian government does not recognize dual American-Iranian nationality. If U.S. citizens were born in Iran, became a naturalized Iranian, or were born to Iranian parents, they will be considered Iranian citizens and subject to Iranian law unless the government has recognized a formal renunciation of citizenship.

Can you travel to USA after Iran?

After visiting Iran you will need a visa to visit the US. This will cost USD 160 but it remains valid for 5 to 10 years, depending on your nationality.

What is the best way to move to USA?

Ways to immigrate to the United StatesGreen Card Lottery. Winning the US Green Card Lottery is probably the most beautiful and, with a little luck, also the easiest way into the country of your dreams. Family-based immigration. Employment-based immigration. Immigration via investment.

Does Iran give citizenship to foreigners?

Individuals can obtain Iranian nationality if they: 1 - Have reached the full age of 18. 2- Have resided five years, whether continuously or intermittently, in Iran. 4 - Have not in any country been convicted of non - political major misdemeanours or felonies.

What countries can you not visit after going to Iran?

Citizens of the following 16 jurisdictions can visit Iran without a visa:90 days. Armenia1 Syria2 Turkey.45 days. Georgia.30 days. Azerbaijan. Bolivia. Lebanon. Oman.21 days. China. Hong Kong. Macao.20 days. Egypt.15 days. Malaysia. Venezuela. 1 – 90 days within 180 days. 2 – only for arriving by air directly from Damascus.

Can I go to Israel if I have been to Iran?

As long as you were in Iran only for tourism purposes, and your visit to Israel is also for tourism (or pilgrimage), you will have no problem getting in.

How much money do I need to move to USA?

Despite its popularity, for many, becoming a U.S. permanent resident or a naturalized citizen is a long and costly process. If we sum up all the specific payments towards acquiring citizenship to the USA, the amount ranges somewhere between $4,000 to $11,300. Most people end up spending between $6,000 and $8,000.

Can I move to USA without a job?

A non-immigrating worker is one that wants to work temporarily in the US before returning to their home nation. Some permanent work visas that do not require a job offer and a sponsor in the United States are the EB-1, O-1 and EB-5 visas.

Can you just move to America?

One of the biggest hurdles when moving to America is obtaining the requisite US visa, or Green Card. If you already have a family member who is a US citizen, they can apply to have you join them; or you can apply for immigrant status if you have an offer of permanent employment in the US.

Does US allow dual citizenship?

U.S. law does not mention dual nationality or require a person to choose one nationality or another. A U.S. citizen may naturalize in a foreign state without any risk to his or her U.S. citizenship. They are required to obey the laws of both countries, and either country has the right to enforce its laws.

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