Question: Who is Chilli from TLC dating right now?

According to Industry On Blast, not only are the two dating, the man (Anthony Wilson) known as Ant currently lives with Chilli. According to sources, R&B singer, Usher, who used to date Chilli is not only aware of her relationship with Ant but also gives the couple his blessings.

Where was left eye BORN?

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States Lisa Lopes/Place of birth Born in Philadelphia, Left Eye later moved to Atlanta, where she formed TLC with Watkins and Thomas. The trios 1992 debut LP, Ooooooohhh On the TLC Tip, spawned the top 10 hits Baby-Baby-Baby, Aint 2 Proud 2 Beg and What About Your Friends.

Does Usher have a wife?

Grace Harrym. 2015–2018 Tameka Fosterm. 2007–2009 Usher/Wife

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