Question: Is zoosk Christian?

Zoosk is a dating app you may not have heard of but they actually have over 300,000 Christian subscribers—thats more than ChristianMingle! And Zoosk connects all sorts of Christian singles, ranging from religious to more laidback.

Which dating app has the most Christians?

#1. eHarmony – Best Overall Algorithm.#2. BigChurch – Best Christian Dating Site To Find Love.#3. ChristianCafe – Best For Interracial Dating.#4. Silver Singles – Best For Christians Over 40.#5. EliteSingles – Best For Busy Professionals.#6. ChristianMingle – Best Christian Dating Site.#7. #8.More items •May 27, 2021

Is OkCupid OK for Christians?

OkCupid operates under the motto Dating deserves better, and it promises Christians an interesting and personality-driven dating experience.

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