Question: Why does Guy not call when he says he will?

If not calling you when he says he will is one of your “must haves” in a relationship, unless there is some extenuating circumstance, he has demonstrated to you that your terms for relationship are incompatible. Thank him for showing this to you and wish him well as you say goodbye.

What if he says he will call and doesn t?

Dont Attack Him Straight Away When he does finally call, stay calm and coolheaded and rather ask him gently what held him up, or why he didnt call. You are more likely to get a straight answer this way, opposed to shouting at him the moment you answer the phone.

What does it mean when a man says he will call you?

What it means: Hes “bookmarking” you, i.e. hoping youll just wait for him to call. If he wants to call you, hell call you. I certainly dont announce to anyone that Im going to the bathroom, I just go.

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