Question: Why do guys dont ask questions?

Do guys ask less questions?

Men and women tend to think differently about the purpose of conversation on first dates—and about conversation in general. Max, along with a few other experts I spoke with, agreed with my observation that men tend to ask fewer questions on dates than women.

Why do guys refuse to answer questions?

One reason that a guy might avoid answering one of your questions might be because he doesnt want to upset you. If that is the case then the question would likely be about something that you feel emotional about and he might even give you an answer that he thinks that you want to hear.

Why do narcissists not answer questions?

Another reason narcissists dont give answers to questions is because they lack empathy. They are incapable of building connection with people due to their lack of empathy. Non-narcissists ask questions as a way to connect, understand, and question someone else.

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