Question: Is it possible to meet a Norwegian woman on Tinder?

While they didnt really expect a lot from the application, they have now been a couple for some months. For Alixe, Tinder has unexpectedly been a quick way to meet a Norwegian in person.

How do you ask out a Norwegian girl?

How to ask a Norwegian girl out in Trondheim - Quora. You can as the others say ask her out in Norwegian. “Har du lyst å være med meg ut i kveld?» Most girls would be thrilled, and it would be really charming!

How do you call a beautiful girl in Norwegian?

Søt would be best translated as cute. Pen and vakker (pretty and beautiful, respectively) are what I would traditionally translate as good-looking: Both refer to physical appearance rather than other qualities.

What do you call a Norwegian girl?

Norwegian Translation. pike. More Norwegian words for girl. pike noun. girl.

How do you say beautiful in Viking?

Vikings Names Names For Girls 92) Estrid - means beautiful and god.

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