Question: Why is Chanel West Coast popular?

She came to prominence for her roles in MTVs Rob Dyrdeks Fantasy Factory and Ridiculousness, the latter of which she has co-hosted for 22 seasons in over 10 years.

What made Chanel West Coast famous?

With her iconic laugh, and bold, charismatic personality, Chanel West Coast is a force to be reckoned with. Widely known as Americas reality TV sweetheart, she made a name for herself in 2008 when she first appeared on Rob Dyrdeks MTV reality television show, Rob Dyrdeks Fantasy Factory, as his receptionist.

Are Rob Dyrdek and Chanel West Coast friends?

Many people know Chanel West Coast and Rob Dyrdek as the co-hosts of MTVs Ridiculousness. Few know that theyre actually friends off-screen. Needless to say, Chanel West Coast quickly became a part of the crew, and their real-life friendship was all documented on the reality series Rob Dyrdeks Fantasy Factory.

This is the hot stop for Chanel West Coast music .SPOTIFY.1Alcoholic3:232Eazy2:593Anchors3:364Nobody3:16540 Yard Dash2:215 more rows

Did Chanel West Coast grow up poor?

Chanel West Coast addressed rumors she was raised by “rich” parents in an exclusive interview with In Touch. “Where do people get this idea?” the 31-year-old shares. “I do not know. Like I literally grew up like really broke, like modest lifestyle.

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