Question: Which is better Quikr or OLX?

OLX is better than quikr because quikr has many types of policies on their ads like if you post an ad on quikr they charge for giving the data which you have received by the ad where as the OLX has no any such type of issues you can see unlimited data as which which your ad gets.

Is OLX successful in India?

OLX has achieved major success in India where it stands as the largest marketplace. The web page views of OLX are more than 8.5 billion and has procured more than 25 million listings. The number of OLX transactions are more than 8.5 million.

Is OLX safe for selling?

To stay safe while selling things on Olx, Quikr, always tell the buyer to meet in person because he or she has to meet you ultimately to buy the thing that you are selling. Having said that, exercise caution and common sense while meeting the person and avoid giving them your home address if not absolutely required.

Does OLX do shipping?

OLX is an active classifieds marketplace where both private and professional sellers list, sell and ship products every day.

How do you bargain on OLX?

Trick to buy best product from Olx or QuikrCheck the seller with urgent need on OLX. First thing, I learnt here is to find people with urgent need of cash. Buy only from Individual Seller. Check & Compare Details and Price. Close the deal as soon as possible. Check OLX & Quikr every 1 hour.

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