Question: Is Meetville a real dating site?

Meetville is a dating app boasting an online community of over 25 million users. Users create a profile and upload pictures and match with other singles on the basis of common interests, values and beliefs (although users can also choose to search for matches on the basis of body type and occupation).

Is Meetville real or fake?

Meetville is a bogus website. They send you fake messages from fake people - they steal these profiles from the internet. Once you sign up, you will never hear back from these people that seemed very interested before you signed up. They send you the fake messages to get you to sign up.

How do I cancel my Meetville membership?

How To Cancel Meetville MembershipOpen your registered email account. Compose an Email: At Subject field write Request to cancel my account: Send it to the address on Include all the details of your Meetville account:More items

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