Question: How do you get invited to the league?

How do you get into The League?

The League has real people vetting its applicants via their Facebook and LinkedIn profiles in an attempt to create a selective community of educated, relationship-minded singles. Its like getting into college all over again. And having to wait for admission is exactly what the apps founder Amanda Bradford wants.

How much does The League dating cost?

Price | How Much Does The League Cost?Membership TypeMembership LengthMembership CostRegular Member6 months$67 monthlyRegular Member3 months$99 monthlyRegular Member1 month$199.99Premium Owner Level3 months$299 monthly4 more rows

How do League referrals work?

MEMBER REFERRALS Have friends using The League? Get them to use their VIP tickets on you and tell their concierge your name and what a rockstar you are. We give each member the ability to short-list a friend so they can be reviewed and, hopefully approved, faster.

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