Question: Is Kajal Aggarwal National crush of India?

Singham Fame Kajal Aggarwal Has a Crush on Indian Cricketer Rohit Sharma And we Are Not Surprised. Recently, during an interview, she has revealed that she not only like the Indian cricketer but is also a big fan of his. She also said that she likes his cricket skills and never misses a match.

Who is the crush of Kajal Agarwal?

Kajal Agarwal is one of the most popular heroines in the Southern Film industry. Kajal made her Bollywood debut with Singham and went on to win hearts with her innocence with Special 26. While she wows everyone with her on-screen presence. Kajal recently revealed to have a crush on cricketer, Rohit Sharma.

Is Kajal a South Indian?

Kajol is half Bengali and half Maharashtrian.

What is the income of Kajal Agarwal?

Net Worth 2021:NameKajal AggarwalNet Worth 2021$12 MillionNet Worth In Indian Rupees86 CroreMonthly Income55 LakhYearly Income10 Crore3 more rows•15 Aug 2021

What is the salary of Prabhas?

Prabhas Net Worth In 2021 – Income, Salary And MoneyNamePrabhasProfessionActing, ModelingNet Worth$ 27 Million (196 Crore)Monthly Income5 Croreyearly Income70-80 Crore2 more rows•9 Aug 2021

Which kajal is safe for eyes?

Lakme Eyeconic Kajal: It is also heavily pigmented and doesnt cause pulling of eyelids. The staying power is also decent. Plus it comes with a smudge-proof and waterproof formula. If you are a beginner with sensitive eyes and want an intense matte finish in a kajal, this is the safest best available in the market.

How old is Kajol Indian?

47 years (August 5, 1974) Kajol/Age

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