Question: Is tender fling safe?

Is tender fling a safe site?

I find cool to use Its better than other platforms that I have been introduced to. The web-layout is organized. Also, its very secure- there is no way for intruders to hack into the site.

How do I delete my tender fling account?

To delete your Fling account, you must contact the customer service center by sending a message from your account. Before your account is removed, you can inactivate your profile to ensure that you dont appear in any search results and that other members cant send you messages on Fling.

Is fling easy to cancel?

If you want to cancel your Fling membership, you can do so without the need to speak with a support agent. Memberships can be cancelled 24 hours a day within a few minutes. After your membership is cancelled, you will no longer be able to access certain portions of the website.

What is Flinghub?

Flinghub app Video Fling singles dating app Fling is the best dating app for casual hookup, flinghub app for singles and couples who are looking for a local casual relationship. Zoosk allows you to app a singles one. With App. Engage in free chatting and fast flirting, get acquainted with new people.

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