Question: Where can I go on a date if I dont drink?

Is there a dating app for people who dont drink?

Loosid. Whether youre newly sober-curious or have abstained from alcohol for years, this free app welcomes anyone whos on the wagon, regardless of the reason why they gave up drinking. After setting up your profile and uploading your photos on Loosid, you can swipe through potential dates in your area.

What are 5 excuses you can make to avoid drinking?

10 excuses for why youre not drinking when youre pregnant or trying to conceiveYou are on antibiotics.Youre observing lent.You have a bet going.You are super sick.Youve started a clean eating diet.Youre hung over.Youre prepping for a blood test.Youre trying to save money.More items •Mar 15, 2018

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