Question: What is a chive chapter?

What is the chive nation?

Chive Nation - Who we are Whether its raising money for charity, putting a smile on a strangers face, or simply meeting up to grab a beer, Chive Nation is an online community doing amazing things both online and offline.

What is chive the drug?

Chive is an herb. The parts that grow above the ground are used to make medicine. People take chive to expel parasitic worms and to reduce the risk of cancer. In foods, chive is used commonly for flavoring.

What does chive symbolize?

When you see the expression, its supposed to invoke a good feeling. For example, if youre having a hard time at work, just keep calm and chive on. Remain at ease, but keep pushing through. The same concept can be applied during literally any time of stress or overexcitement.

Can you smoke chive?

Fresh chives are in season so why not do something different with this wonderful herb and try your hand a smoking them! One of the easiest methods for controlling the heat and smoke level to a delicate item like herbs is to use a stove top smoker or stove top smoker set up with a cast iron pan.

What herb symbolizes wisdom?

Rose: love, desire. Rosemary: remembrance. Sage: wisdom. Thyme: courage.

Who owns Chive?

leo. Leo Resig is the co-owner and CEO of and He started theCHIVE in November 2008 with his brother John whom he shares the same love for ridiculously funny and bizarre photos.

Are chives good for high blood pressure?

Health Benefits Garlic chives are rich in Vitamin C, which prevents from common cold and fever, also rich in riboflavin, potassium, vitamin A, iron, thiamin, and beta carotene. These elements help in blood count increase, maintaining blood pressure, and increasing immunity power.

What happens if you eat too much chives?

Because chives are usually eaten as a garnish, there isnt a lot of data regarding eating chives in larger quantities. While adding a Tablespoon of chives to your food is healthy, and while larger quantities may be okay sometimes, too many chives in your diet could cause stomach pain and indigestion.

Are there any health benefits to chives?

Chives contain vitamin K, which is important for bone health and blood clotting. Other sources of vitamin K include leafy green vegetables, vegetable oils, and fruits including blueberries and figs. Chives also contain folate.

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