Question: What is dangerously underweight?

Losing more than 5 percent of your weight during a six- to 12-month period indicates a problem, according to the NHS. Eating disorders can also result in a dangerously low BMI. A BMI of 16.5 or less is a potential marker for anorexia nervosa.

What is considered severely underweight?

BMI, Body Mass Index is a measure of a persons body shape – how fat or thin they are .BMI Ranges.BMIBMI RangeLess than 15Very severely underweightBetween 15 and 16Severely underweightBetween 16 and 18.5UnderweightBetween 18.5 and 25Healthy weight4 more rows

What weight is dangerously thin?

For adults, a BMI under 18.5 is considered dangerously thin, 18.5-25 is the healthy weight range, 25-30 is overweight, and 30 or over is obese.

Is a BMI of 14 dangerous?

A BMI below 14, or precipitous weight loss (>1kg/week), is dangerous. Mortality is increased by purging or substance abuse. Such patients should be urgently discussed with specialists.

Am I skinny What possible disease I can get?

Its certainly possible to be dangerously thin. Individuals with eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa and bulimia—and those with wasting diseases such as cancer, AIDS, and heart failure—can lose so much weight that they dont have enough energy or basic building blocks to keep themselves alive.

How much should a 15 year old weigh?

Main DigestBabies to Teens Height to Weight Ratio Table14 yrs105.0 lb (47.6 kg)62.5 (158.7 cm)15 yrs115.0 lb (52.1 kg)62.9 (159.7 cm)16 yrs118.0 lb (53.5 kg)64.0 (162.5 cm)17 yrs120.0 lb (54.4 kg)64.0 (162.5 cm)100 more rows•30 Nov 2017

Do Skinny People get cold easier?

Being Very Thin Often, thin people are hypersensitive to cold. This is because body fat insulates your body, while muscle helps your body produce heat through metabolism. If you are very skinny, and lacking in muscle and/or body fat, you may be hypersensitive to cold.

What body type lives longest?

People who are lean for life have the lowest mortality, while those with a heavy body shape from childhood up to middle age have the highest mortality, reveal findings of a large study published in The BMJ.

How much should a 52 female weigh at 15?

Height and Weight ChartHeightWeight5 2104 to 135 lbs.136 to 163 lbs.5 3107 to 140 lbs.141 to 168 lbs.5 4110 to 144 lbs.145 to 173 lbs.5 5114 to 149 lbs.150 to 179 lbs.17 more rows

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