Question: Which matrimony is best for divorcee?, the largest and most trusted site for Divorcee matrimonials with millions of Divorcee matrimony profiles, is one of Indias best known brands and the worlds largest matrimonial service.

Which is the best matrimonial?

Here are the best matrimonial sites in is one of the most popular matrimonial sites in India and celebrated as one of the most trust worthy sites as well. items

How do I delete my divorcee matrimony account?

How to delete my profile as my wedding has been fixed? To delete your profile by clicking here > Delete Profile > Select reason > Select source > Fill details > Submit > Enter password >Delete profile.How can I temporarily deactivate my profile? My profile has been suspended.

How can I remove my name from matrimony?

On the top right corner of the page, click the Setting icon. From the drop down list click Settings. In Profile Settings, click Delete Profile and enter your profile password to delete your account. Please note that you cannot restore or re-activate your profile once you delete it.

What does the word divorcee mean?

: a divorced person especially : a woman who is divorced.

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