Question: How is dating when you have an invisible illness?

What should you not say to an invisible illness?

Here are some things you shouldnt say to someone living with an invisible illness:❌ “But you dont look sick!” One major challenge of invisible illnesses is that theyre, well, invisible. ❌ “At least…” ❌ “Have you tried yoga/cutting out gluten/taking herbal remedies?” ❌ “I know how you feel.” ❌ “Youre so brave.”

What is the most expensive illness to treat?

Heart Disease: The #1 KillerAs reported by the American Heart Association (AHA), costs of cardiovascular disease total more than $318 billion. Cardiovascular disease includes coronary heart disease ($89 billion), high blood pressure ($68 billion), and stroke ($37 billion) as the 3 top cost generators, according to AHA.More items •12 Jan 2021

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