Question: Whats a trigger clasp?

Trigger clasps are essentials when it comes to making necklaces and bracelets, as they are a secure and stylish way to complete your projects. The spring-operated trigger mechanism will keep your designs in place wonderfully. They are versatile options for any kind of necklace or bracelet designs.

How do you secure a bracelet clasp?

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How do you open a safety clasp bracelet?

You can use your fingernail to flip it open. Grasp the flap with your fingers to pull the fold-over safety clasp open. Some fold-over clasps have a button on the top, located on the flat side of the clasp. When you push the button, this releases and opens the flap, allowing you to remove the bracelet.

What is a box lock clasp?

Box clasps have two parts a tongue and a box. The tongue is squeezed and fits in the box and locks into place. Box clasps are often multi strand and may be used to connect two or more strands in a necklace or bracelet. Some of our box clasps are ornate and vintage stock.

How does a deployant clasp work?

The way deployant clasps work is to allow straps to bend less, with the moving parts being (mostly) metal. This can, indeed, lengthen the lifespan of a watch strap, but that is about all these clasps are good for.

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