Question: What makes a good mate for a smart person?

What qualities does an intelligent person have?

8 Personality Traits of Highly Intelligent People (Backed by Science) Theyre highly adaptable. They understand how much they dont know. They have insatiable curiosity. Theyre open-minded. They like their own company. They have high self-control. Theyre really funny.More items •21 Jul 2016

Why is it hard for intelligent people to fall in love?

Mind Over Heart. Since feelings can be misleading at times, extremely intelligent people prefer using facts and logic prior to making assumptions. The inadvertent coldness of their hearts is one of the main reasons why they have a hard time finding love.

Is it hard for smart people to fall in love?

If you belong to a group of more intelligent people, your love life may be quite complicated. Finding love and keeping it may come surprisingly difficult to you. Yet, more often than not, they have difficulty in finding the right partner, falling in love and forming long-lasting relationships.

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