Question: Are Zildjian A Customs good?

The result of radically different rotary hammering techniques, thin weights, and a brilliant finish, the A Customs found a happy niche in Zildjians lineup. With their crisp, sweet, sophisticated sound, drummers found colorations perfectly suited to modern music.

Are Zildjian A Custom cymbals good?

Overall, these cymbals provide a lot of projection and are a great choice for rock drumming. They may be too aggressive for other styles like jazz and indie. For more about the Zildjian A Custom Set, check out customer reviews.

What drummers use Zildjian A Custom?

Zildjian has a strong list of hundreds of professional drummers that endorse their brand of cymbals. Here is a small example of some of the professionals that use Zildjian brand cymbals: Travis Barker, Rick Allen, Alan White, Steve Gadd, Steve Smith, Elvin Jones, Jared Falk, and more!

Are Zildjian a better than K?

The A series is much brighter than the K series, so for rock I would recommend the A customs. Its sound is better suited to rock, and you may as well save a couple hundred dollars while your at it.

What are Zildjian A cymbals?

Zildjians classic sound is embodied by A Zildjian and immortalized in countless recordings by the greatest drummers of all time. Known for their versatility, these bright cymbals range from thin and delicate to extra heavy and cutting.

What does dark cymbal mean?

You can probably imagine what a dark or bright cymbal sounds like by way of connotations. Just to confirm your theories, dark cymbals have a brooding stronger emphasis on lower tones, while bright cymbals sound crisper and focus on the higher frequencies.

What cymbals does Dave Grohl use?

For his cymbals, Dave exclusively used Zildjian As, outfitting his kit with a 22-inch Zildjian A ride, an 18-inch Zildjian A crash, a 20-inch Zildjian A crash, and 15-inch Zildjian A hi-hats, all mounted on TAMA hardware with one exception.

What cymbals are best?

The best cymbals you can buy todayZildjian A. Sabian AAX. Paiste 2002. Zildjian K Custom. Sabian HH. Paiste Masters. Zildjian K Constantinople. The ultimate cymbals for jazz drummers. Sabian Artisan Elite and Light. Sabians premium, traditional range delivers exceptional cymbals.More items •16 Apr 2019

What are dark cymbals good for?

They are generally used in pop or rock music. Dark cymbals have a lower fundamental pitch and have a more brooding sound. These cymbals are more common in jazz or fusion music.

Are dark cymbals quieter?

At the lower pitch, dark cymbals are quieter and blend well throughout a large kit. These create undertones with a slight bleed effect as sustain carries on through playing. You might find dark cymbals are a bit more expensive. A lot of models are hand hammered and require more attention in the design process.

Is Zildjian the oldest company in the world?

The Zildjian Company, based in Norwell, Massachusetts, is the largest cymbal maker in the world and the oldest continuously family run business in the United States.

What drumheads does Dave Grohl use?

Dave chose Remo drumheads for everything but his snare drum batter head, which was fitted with an Aquarian Hi-Energy snare drumhead to withstand Daves heavy-hitting snare technique that was made all the heavier by Daves preference for playing 5B and 2B drumsticks backward.

Does Dave Grohl use double bass?

He never has used double bass. If you hear anything that sounds like double bass, he is doing hand foot combinations. Thats probably it. Some of their recording are low quality, and tom hits (especially Floor) can sound similar to bass.

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