Question: What is the golden rule of cosplay?

The Golden Rule of Cosplay is as follows: Cosplay is NOT consent! That means even if someone is wearing something revealing or they are cosplaying a character with a proclivity for certain behaviors, do not touch them without asking, do not verbally or sexually harass them.

What are the rules of cosplay?

Ten Rules of Cosplay EtiquetteWear plenty of deodorant. Wear plenty of deodorant. Ask before you hug or try to pose for a picture with someone.Ask before you hug or try to pose for a picture with someone.If you must battle, have plenty of room.If you must battle, have plenty of room.More items •27 Jan 2016

What is the hardest character to cosplay?

Alphonse Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is without a doubt one of the most difficult characters to cosplay. The guy is literally a walking suit of armor, and thats not something that can be built in a days work. But Al is a beloved character and fans arent about to back down from a challenge.

Can I cosplay as an OC?

OC in cosplay means Original Character, in which you showcase a character of your own creation in a cosplaying event. There are some reasons that as a cosplayer, you may want to portray an original character. Regardless of the reason behind your OC cosplay costume, creating your own character is definitely a challenge.

Does cosplay have to be accurate?

Not at all! Cosplay can be whatever you want it to be, and that includes making accurate-looking cosplay. The main reason why a lot of cosplayers love doing accurate cosplays is simply because its fun.

How do you decide who to cosplay?

Pick your favorite character or character design.If you have a few favorite characters, choose which character has the best costume, look, and design based on your personal style. Strength, beauty, magical ability, talent, status, and intelligence are examples of admirable character attributes you may want to consider.More items

Can you be a cosplay model?

They can are hired for conventions and other events to model in costume. Models are booked for several different jobs, A few examples are, judging competitions, booth sales or interacting with fans. That is why most Cosplayers do so as a hobby or a part-time job.

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