Question: How do you tell your best friend you like his sister?

What do I do if I like my best friends sister?

Go on a few dates.If she seems to like you, too, take things very slowly. Do not rush the relationship. If it doesnt seem like you have a connection beyond just a friendship, stop dating her. Dont force the relationship to happen. For example, you could say, “I really like you, but I think we are better as friends.

How do you tell your best friend you like her without ruining your friendship?

How To Tell Someone You Like Them (And NOT Ruin The Friendship)Dont make it a big deal. Decide whether to do it in person or via text. Pick your moment. Do it ASAP. Keep it to yourself. Give yourself a confidence boost. Just ask them out on a date first. Make things clear, but dont obsess over the precise words.More items •Aug 25, 2021

How do you tell someone you like their best friend?

When you tell your best friend how you feel, do it away from other people and in person. Be honest about how you feel and give your best friend time to process what youve told them. No matter what they say, try to put your friendship first and be proud of yourself for having the courage to tell them!

Can I tell my best friend about my crush?

It seems like you are too afraid to tell your friends, so you do not need to tell them anything about you liking your crush and it depends on what you friends personality is. If its about being rude, then yeah, no, dont say anything.

Is it wrong to date your brothers friend?

Originally Answered: Is it okay to date my brothers best friend? Yes. Its completely OK to date you brothers best friend as long as your brother has no problem and its not too inappropriate or uncomfortable. If you think he has got what it takes to spend those valuable moments, he might be perfect.

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