Question: Where to spend a day in Dallas Texas?

What is a good day trip from Dallas?

10 Day Trips within 2 hours drive of DallasGlen Rose, Texas – 1 hour 45m drive.Paris, Texas – 1 hour 30m drive.Bridgeport, TX – 1 hour 30m drive.Lake Texoma – 1hour 20m drive.Fort Worth – Less than an hours drive.Turner Falls, Davis OK – 2 hour drive.Waco, TX – 2 hour drive.Canton, TX – 1 hour drive.More items •Jun 17, 2021

What is there to do in Dallas for 24 hours?

On behalf of Texans, welcome to the land of tex-mex and country music. Check out all the things to do in Dallas.6 a.m. Katy Trail Walk. 7 a.m. Union Coffee. 8 a.m. Deep Ellum. 9 a.m. Dealy Plaza and the Sixth Floor Museum. 10 a.m. Farmers Market. 11 a.m. Reunion Tower. 12 p.m. DMA and Nasher Sculpture Center.More items •Oct 12, 2017

What cities are 4 hours away from Dallas?

Places to visit about 4 hours from Dallas237 miles north of Dallas: Tulsa. 247 miles northeast of Dallas: Hot Springs National Park. 238 miles north of Dallas: Keystone Lake RV Park. Washington Irving Cove South. Bluff Landing. 237 miles north of Dallas: Feyodi Creek RV Park. Keystone State Park. Sequoyah State Park.

How far is Dallas from beach?

There are 279.47 miles from Dallas to Surfside Beach in southeast direction and 305 miles (490.85 kilometers) by car, following the I-45 S route. Dallas and Surfside Beach are 5 hours 22 mins far apart, if you drive non-stop .

What can a college student do in Dallas?

Best college student hangout in Dallas, TXMilo Butterfingers. 1.7 mi. 130 reviews. The Balcony Club. 3.3 mi. 165 reviews. My Hideaway. 7.9 mi. 95 reviews. Stans Blue Note. 2.0 mi. $ Sports Bars, Burgers, American (Traditional) Twin Peaks. 8.0 mi. 304 reviews. Caves Lounge. 19.7 mi. Twisted Root Burger. 4.0 mi. Chelsea Corner. 1.2 mi.More items

What is the best time to visit Dallas Texas?

The best time to visit Dallas – Fort Worth is between September and November, when the temperatures arent overwhelmingly hot, the tourist traffic has died down and the Texas State Fair is in full swing. Keep in mind: The Cowboys football season can drive hotel prices up, especially in the Metroplex areas.

What is the best road trip in Dallas?

Top 20 Road Trips From DallasLafayette, Louisiana. Lafayette is known as the happiest city in America! Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial Museum. Wichita, Kansas. Branson, Missouri. Bryan / College Station, Texas. Memphis, Tennesee. Hot Springs, Arkansas. Baton Rouge, Louisiana.More items •3 Jan 2021

Where should I vacation if I live in Dallas?

16 Outstanding Weekend Getaways from Dallas to Spice up Your Weekends!Glen Rose, TX. Step on authentic dinosaur tracks and experience a world-class safari experience. Davis, OK. Salado, TX. Jefferson, TX. Beavers Bend, OK. Colorado Bend State Park/ Gorman Falls, TX. Austin, TX. Marble Falls, TX.More items •29 Feb 2020

Where is the prettiest beach in Texas?

What is the prettiest beach in Texas?Mustang Island State Park.North Beach.Padre Island National Seashore.Port Aransas.Rockport Beach.San José Island.South Padre Island.Surfside Beach.More items •28 May 2021

Does Dallas have any beaches?

Think there are no beaches in Dallas, Texas? Theres actually one beach located within the limits of Dallas: White Rock Lake Park. Although swimming isnt allowed on this beach, there are plenty of exciting family-friendly activities at this park.

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