Question: Who is Jensen made by?

Is Jensen an American company?

Although the American company is long out of business, reissue guitar speakers are currently made in Italy by SICA Altoparlanti and distributed in the United States by CE Distribution. The current Fender Twin Reverb amp uses two 12 Jensen C-12K speakers.

Where is Jensen products made?

Jensen Radio Mfg. Co. 6601 South Laramie Avenue, Chicago, Illinois. 212 Ninth Street, Oakland, California.

Is Jensen a good company?

Jensen is a well-respected and affordable brand for car stereo, receivers, speakers, amplifiers, backup cameras, and other accessories. It has nearly the same features as other brands in the auto electronics industry.

Is Dual made by Jensen?

Jensens invention of the first loudspeaker .Jensen Electronics.TypesubsidiaryOwnerDual Electronics CorporationParentNamsungWebsite more rows

What year did Jensen Audio start?

1927 In 1927, Peter Jensen founded Jensen® Radio Manufacturing Company and began producing speakers for both military use and radios.

Where are boss stereos made?

American BOSS Audio Systems is an American manufacturer of audio and video equipment for automotive, power sport and marine applications .Boss Audio.TypePrivateFounded1987FounderSam RabbaniHeadquartersOxnard, California, United StatesWebsitebossaudio.com2 more rows

Is Jensen a girl or boy name?

The name Jensen is a girls name of Scandinavian origin meaning son of Jens. The number one surname in Denmark could make a sophisticated and stylish girls name.

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