Question: Who is Robert Pattinsons celebrity crush?

Robert Pattinson hasnt made it a secret that he has a crush on Kristen Stewart. The star has admitted in multiple interviews, including one with Seventeen Magazine that his celebrity crush is Kristen Stewart.

Who has crush on Robert Pattinson?

Pee Cee has a crush on Robert Pattinson too.

Did Robert Pattinson have a crush on Kristen Stewart?

Kristen Stewart opened up about falling in love with her Twilight costar Robert Pattinson — and the insecurity she still feels surrounding their high-profile relationship. Its so weird, like, actually being honest about this.

Who is Hrithik Roshans crush?

Back in 2017, a media report stated that Hrithik will co-star with Shruti Haasan in an AR Murugadoss-directed film. New Delhi: Actress Shruti Haasan, on Wednesday, revealed that she had a crush on actor Hrithik Roshan when she was in school.

Who does Billie Eilish have a crush on?

Billie Eilish has revealed that she has such a crush on Jodie Comer. The Bad Guy hitmaker, 19, was quizzed by a host of stars including Justin Bieber, Orlando Bloom, Mel C and Stormzy during a star-studded video shared by Vogue.

Who has a crush on Jennifer Aniston?

David Schwimmer Jennifer Aniston has shared more details on her real-life crush on David Schwimmer, after the former co-stars revealed they fancied each other while playing on-off couple Ross and Rachel on Friends.

Are Dakota Fanning and Kristen Stewart still friends?

Its no secret that Dakota Fanning and Kristen Stewart are pals. So, while it doesnt come as a complete surprise to hear the War of the Worlds actress speak fondly about her Runaways and Twilight Saga costar in the latest issue of Glamour, its still pretty cool nevertheless.

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