Question: How do I remove my profile from Eharmony?

So if you want them to get rid of it, you will have to send an email to with the title “Delete My Account Information”, and make an explicit request to have your personal information taken off eHarmony permanently. Note that it may take eHarmony up to 10 business days to complete your request.

How do I delete my profile on eHarmony?

0:102:37How to Delete your eHarmony Account - YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipIf you are logged in already. Then click settings in the top menu. Here click account settings andMoreIf you are logged in already. Then click settings in the top menu. Here click account settings and then click billing scroll down to the bottom and click cancel.

How do I delete my her profile?

You can only close an account on HER from inside the app. iOS - My Profile > Settings in the top, left hand corner > Scroll down to Support > Select Close Account. When you close your account it will delete all your profile data.

How do I delete my eHarmony account from my phone?

Call 1+ 855-290-5575 and tell the customer service representative that you want to delete your account. You can say something like, I enjoyed eHarmony while it lasted, but I dont want my personal information on the site anymore.

What happens when you hide your profile on eHarmony?

Note: You will not be presented to other members in their matches list if you disable your profile visibility. The exception to this is matches with whom communication has started or those you have favorited. They will still have access to your Profile.

What happens if you stop paying Eharmony?

Once you cancel your subscription, you will have access to all paid features until the end of the billing cycle. If youre a Singles Service member, you have three days to request a refund after the new billing cycle begins.

Can I make my profile private on eHarmony?

Profile Visibility Log into your account. Access the drop-down menu by clicking on the arrow beside your profile picture. Select the “Data & Settings” option. Turn the green slider off under the “Profile Visibility” section to make your profile invisible.

How do you become invisible on eHarmony?

Click on the arrow next to your photo at the top of the screen to open the dropdown menu. Click the Data & settings link. Under the Profile Status section, click the green slider to make your profile invisible. Youll see a banner on your Home Page telling you that your profile is currently not visible.

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