Question: Which state is safe for girl in India?

Which state is most dangerous in India?

The states of UP and Maharashtra, followed by Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh have recorded the maximum number of crimes. However, as far as the overall worst crime rate (crime incidence per one lakh of population) is concerned, Maharashtra remained in the sixth position with the crime rate of (415.8).

Who is most richest person in India?

Here are Indias 10 richest people; net worths are as of March 5, 2021:#1 | Mukesh Ambani. NET WORTH: $84.5 BILLION. #2 | Gautam Adani. NET WORTH: $50.5 BILLION. #3 | Shiv Nadar. NET WORTH: $23.5 BILLION. #4 | Radhakishan Damani. #5 | Uday Kotak. #6 | Lakshmi Mittal. #7 | Kumar Birla. #8 | Cyrus Poonawalla.More items •Apr 6, 2021

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